Masa Israel Teaching Fellows-The Israel Experience

Share Your English & Change Someone's Future

What is MITF?

Masa Israel Teaching Fellows is a 10-month fellowship for Jewish college graduates, between the ages of 21 and 35, who want to contribute to the future success of Israeli children and make a real difference. Teach English while immersing yourself in Israeli society and become an integral member of the city in which you live, teach and volunteer.

MITF is a partnership between Masa Israel Journey and the Ministry of Education. Masa Israel offers a uniquely transformative experience; we believe that Israel is the perfect platform for young adults who are eager to explore, experience, and develop skills for a lifetime of achievement.


1. Unique chance to live in an Israeli community, while getting paid
2. Opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of Israeli youth
3. Work alongside your peers 25 hours a week in a local school, teaching English
4. Create your own volunteer projects based on your skills & interests
5. Gain leadership & teaching skills to prepare you for the program, and the rest of your life
6. Experience local life & be immersed in Israeli culture
7. The kids learn English and have you as a mentor. Everyone wins!

**No Hebrew language skills are required and availability is limited, so don't miss out!

About the Provider:

The Israel Experience is a subsidiary and the educational arm of the Jewish Agency for Israel. The Israel Experience has committed to provide participants with innovative and quality programming, and they work hard to make sure their programs are current, creative, meaningful and memorable.

MITF-Israel Experience Cities:

Bat Yam
Located on the Mediterranean Sea, just south of Tel Aviv, Bat Yam has clean beaches, bars and restaurants, cultural centers, and more. With multiple forms of public transportation operating to and from Yafo and Tel Aviv, Bat Yam is an oasis of peace and quiet outside of the hustle and bustle of the big city.

Classroom sizes in Bat Yam range from 20-30 students. Masa Israel Teaching Fellows might be working in elementary schools, middle schools, or high schools depending on the needs of the school district.

Haifa serves as Israel’s 3rd largest city. It is one of its most beautiful and multicultural cities, filled with gorgeous beaches, scenic views from Mount Carmel, and forests perfect for hiking. The people of Haifa are from diverse religions, cultures, and ethnicities. Jews and Arabs live side by side, and sites of religious worship of the main religions can be found there as well!

Rishon LeZion
Serving as the 4th largest city in Israel, Rishon holds thriving metropolitan centers, parks, cultural areas and an active nightlife. From its establishment in the late 1800’s, until now, the city has rapidly grown, and developed in urban lifestyle while still maintaining a strong sense of community.

Schools were built in the middle of the city neighborhoods in order to serve as centers of community life. All schools adhere to the principle of educational equality. The extremely varied socioeconomic statuses and cultures Rishon holds make for a truly unique experience.